5 Benefits of Using Link Tracking and Cloaking System

If you are serious about marketing and making money from online, it is important to keep track of how each page, each link and even each word differs in terms of attracting and motivating customers to make a purchase decision. For example, a link or picture that is placed at the top of the article and at the end of the article has different impact to the customer. The exact wording for the call for action will also has an impact on the success of your online marketing campaign.

5 Benefits of Using Link Tracking and Cloaking System coverFortunately, in internet marketing, the effect of any change that you make to your online campaign can be measured if you have a good link management software.

There are several benefits to using a link management software versus just setting the affiliate link “as-is”.

  1. The link management software is able to collect the metrics, statistics and generate graphs that will offer valuable insights into what is exactly happening in my marketing campaign. A good tracking tool is normally easy to use and deploy.
  2. A good link management software is normally able to offer a feature called “link cloaking” which is very useful if you would like to hide the affiliate links thus preventing link hijacking (where the links are altered by the visitor). In this way, the integrity of the link remains intact and you can protect your affiliate commission.
  3. Instead of using an affiliate “as-is”, a link management software is able to customize the link URL. This will help to project a professional approach to your website and so, you can gain the trust of your visitors. I am sure you know by now that trust is very important for you to gain the confidence of the prospective customer and to close the sale.
  4. A link management software is able to effectively hide the affiliate links from Google hence giving your website better search engine rankings.
  5. A feature that is quickly becoming essential in a marketing campaign is called Split Testing. With split testing, you can divide traffic from one link to multiple landing pages. For example, you would like to test 2 landing pages and find out which performs better. The software will be able to divide the traffic between the two landing pages and you can find out accurately which landing page performs better with accurate figures.
5 Benefits of Using Link Tracking and Cloaking System

Split Testing

Some sellers provide different offers for their affiliates to be used when selling their products. With this system, you can use different offers and divide the traffic between the different offers. With the results from software, you can immediately know which offers can attract customers and which offers to avoid.

With all the figures that you obtain from the software, you can now apply the correct strategy to all your online marketing campaigns and remove all the guesswork.

Of course, there are many link tracking software in the market today. However, I would like to recommend LinkTrackr which is the one of the best link management software in its class and highly recommended by top internet marketing gurus in the industry. I have used LinkTrackr for my internet marketing campaigns and the metrics, statistics and graphs offer valuable insights

To try LinkTrackr, create your free account now.

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